Susan Nakhumicha, the cabinet secretary for health
Susan Nakhumicha, the cabinet secretary for health

Susan Nakhumicha, the cabinet secretary for health, has issued a warning that any of the government employees involved in fraud scandals would not be exempt from the current battle against corruption in her ministry.

Speaking on Wednesday in Nairobi at the release of EACC's report on corruption and unethical conduct in Kenyan healthcare projects, CS Nakhumicha revealed that some senior officials in her ministry initially opposed her efforts to have EACC look into misconduct at the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA).

EACC is now looking into any anomalies in the selection of a bidder for KEMSA's purchase of anti-mosquito nets.

President William Ruto fired Dr Josephine Mburu as the PS for Public Health and Professional Standards after a purported corruption in procurement was revealed.

Additionally, Ruto annulled the appointment of the chairperson and board members of KEMSA, which was in charge of the problematic procurement procedure.

Along with eight other MoH officials, Terry Ramadhani, the CEO of KEMSA, has also been suspended.

"On Thursday of last week, just following the publication of that story, I sent a letter to the EACC requesting that they visit and conduct an investigation. I asked EACC CEO Twalib Mbarak on Monday whether he had received my letter, and he replied that he hadn't, said Nakhumicha.

"This is how corruption responds in this nation. Even though EACC is located only a few yards from my workplace, the letter was still missing on Monday. Fortunately, Mbarak informed me that he has now sent his police to look into the incident.

Nakhumicha continued by saying that top government officials are attempting to steal funds intended for sick Kenyans and that she is not one to tolerate such behaviour.

"There are those in our nation who are adamant about making money from the money paid by patients. It's really dishonourable. Very dishonourable, and I won't let it

EACC Chairperson David Oginde noted that the anti-graft body is actively looking into the KEMSA affair and emphasised that the organisation would look everywhere.

"The issue is being investigated by a whole forensic department. They will investigate who was engaged and the specifics of what occurred at KEMSA, he added.

"Suspects will be summoned for assessments, and we'll give the DPP the names of those found guilty for further action," the statement said.

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