Dan Mackenzie son to Paul Mackenzie

Furunzi hamlet is located more than 100 kilometres from the Shakahola mass graves, which are located near the centre of Malindi town.

Meet Dan Mackenzie, a 21-year-old boda boda rider in Malindi town and the eldest child of Paul Mackenzie.

He extends a warm welcome to us and informs us that his father stopped preaching and began farming in Shakahola when the Good News International Church was shut down in 2019.

Paul Mackenzie put his son in charge of his Malindi townhouse before departing.

Additionally, he has been residing here since late 2019 with his grandmother and stepmother, Rhoda Maweu, his father's third wife, who is currently in the custody of the police.

"Alikuwa anatuletea vyakula vyakula vya shambani manake huko alikuwa na kisima," recalls Dan about his father.

He claims he has always known his father to be a good role model who is kind to the extreme but not capable of murder.

"Babangu hana makosa," he exclaims.

Dan claims that his father did not get any formal instruction and attended Lukore Secondary School in Kwale till the fourth grade before heading to Malindi town to work as a cab driver.

According to his son, Mackenzie's extreme beliefs against education and fasting, which have resulted in disastrous outcomes for a number of his followers, have never been required of his followers.

"Nimefika Form One na niliacha shule mimi mwenyewe sikulazimishwa na mtu... na baba alipofunga kanisa mimi pia sikuwahi jihusisha na kanisa na alienda huko peke yake," he claims.

The 21-year-old eldest child of MacKenzie's first wife, who passed away in 2010, has also denounced the angry neighbours who looted the house's surrounding wall for their actions.

"Walivunja vunja wakachukuwa pikipiki mohogo," Dan adds.

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