Kesses Member of Parliament Swarup Mishra to the Shakahola massacre

Fresh proof has been found by the police that connects former Kesses Member of Parliament Swarup Mishra to the Shakahola massacre.

As the inquiry into the incident proceeds, over 150 remains have been excavated from the site.

The contentious Pastor Paul Mackenzie, who is currently under scrutiny for compelling those who followed him to observe a hunger strike to death and extracting the organs of their victims before burying them in the forest, was in constant contact with Mishra, who is also the legitimate proprietor of Mediheal Group of Hospitals, based on the phone records obtained by the police. Mishra is also the person who owns Mediheal Group of Hospitals.

Several victims excavated from the mass graves had postmortem investigations, and the results of those examinations revealed that essential organs such as kidneys, hearts, and livers were missing from those bodies.

Investigators now have reason to think that Mishra was engaged in the illegal trade of human organs. They believe that Mishra purchased these organs from Paul Mackenzie, who obtained them by harvesting them from the victims of his cult.

Throughout its existence, the Mediheal Group of Hospitals has been accused of engaging in illicit transplantation of organs both in Kenya and internationally.

A family made a claim in the past that their relative's kidney was taken without his permission, and he passed away in 2019.

The Shakahola Massacre is widely regarded as one of the most heinous atrocities in the annals of Kenyan history.

The fact that Swarup Mishra and Mediheal Hospital were involved in the illegal trade of organs adds an additional degree of heinousness and unfairness to the situation.


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