Hassan Mugambi and Mugambi’s lover Mwanaidy Shishi
Hassan Mugambi and Mugambi’s lover Mwanaidy Shishi 

Hassan Mugambi, a journalist working for Citizen TV, is no longer available for romantic pursuits.

On Sunday night, Mugambi's partner, Mwanaidy Shishi, uploaded a touching video to their joint YouTube channel.

In it, they recount the beginning of their love journey and reflect on all of the wonderful experiences they have had together.

The author conducted a cross-check, and during the course of it, she caught Mwanaidy showing off an engagement ring while she was getting cosy with her man.

Hassan Mugambi lover MWanaidy Shishi

After Hassan kicked off the big question, "Will You Marry Me?" and, by all appearances, it was a big yes, the act provides obvious proof that the two have advanced their connection to the following phase.

The act offers a clear indicator that both have shifted their relationship to the next stage after Hassan kneeled down.

Following their engagement, the couple is said to be making preparations to tie the knot as quickly as possible, according to reliable sources.

Sources said that the proposal took place a few days ago, and they couldn't help but drool over the lovely pair. However, it is not yet apparent when the marriage proposal took place, and it is not yet obvious when it took place.

Hassan is also seen in the film interacting with children, which provides evidence to suggest he has already become a family man.

Because Mugambi has, despite his status as a celebrity journalist, maintained a policy of secrecy regarding his romantic relationships for the majority of his career, this is the first time that the couple has decided to let outsiders into their personal lives.

Hassan Mugambi lover MWanaidy Shishi

Mwanaidy Shishi is a former video vixen who now runs a restaurant in Kilimani known as Mama Nilishe. The restaurant serves food that is traditional in Swahili culture.

Her Instagram page reveals that she is a mother of two children and that she takes pleasure in being a mother.

@dennothefamous CITIZEN TV HASSAN MUGAMBI OFFICIALLY ENGEGED TO MWANAIDY SHISHI OF MAMA NILISHE RESTAURANT #hassanmugambi #citizentv #mamanilishe #shishi #Shishi #Hassan #mugambi ♬ original sound - Mjukuu Wa Mfalme

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