Kenya Power and lighting company

Kenya Power provided an explanation of why some customers got an additional token for the exact same price on Thursday, May 25.

In a press release, Kenya Power stated that the client's use determines the number of tokens.

"Please be aware that each metre number has its own pricing. The customer's power use is what determines these prices," according to Kenya Power.

A worried user had inquired about the disparity in token distribution, and the corporation was replying.

"I have a few questions about tokens. Why do I only get 3.11 units for Ksh 100 when the nearby plots receive 4+ units, with some receiving as much as 4.8 units? He questioned, Why the disparity?"

Kenya Power requested that the customer submit the two-metre figures so that more research could be done.

In addition, KPLC pointed out that the prices only relate to energy consumption fees and do not take taxes or other levies into account.

Kenya Power said, "Tariff is dependant on usage average as follows: 0–30 units billed at Ksh12.22, over 30-100 units billed at Ksh16.30, and above 100 units priced at Ksh20.97.

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) establishes the rate based on use. It separates customers into domestic and lifeline users.

Lifeline customers get the lowest tariffs and use 100 units or less per month. County governments, departmental organisations, and government ministries are responsible for paying the least expensive tariff.

Domestic customers, on the other hand, represent those who use between 100 and 15,000 units each month.

Kenya Power and lighting company

President William Ruto unveiled strategies to increase Kenya Power's profitability and lower energy prices on May 16.

The reorganisation of Kenya Power's financial sheet was agreed upon during the cabinet's session with the intention of regaining competitiveness.

"In accordance with the Kenya Kwanza Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda, the composition of Kenya Power's Board will be altered to take into account its shareholding," the Cabinet decided.

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