Colonel Mustafa photo at Mjengo

A portion of Colonel Mustafa's admirers are concerned after seeing a video of him labouring at a construction site; many believe that the once-flying rap legend has fallen on hard times.

Mustafa, who has been absent from the gossip columns for a while, was caught on camera at an unnamed building site carrying construction bricks.

Mustafa was passing a brick to a coworker at the construction site while wearing a faded blue t-shirt and shabby trousers. He appeared untidy but upbeat.

The 'Katika' singer confessed that he has struggled with depression for at least three years since leaving Nairobi Diaries on a popular entertainment TV show in July 2022.

The fact that things have been a little difficult has caused me to take a brief hiatus from social media. I last put music out five years ago. I'm now back. At some point, perhaps two or three years after I left Nairobi Diaries and things started to go wrong, I experienced depression," he recalled.

A Kenyan father and a Tanzanian mother gave birth to Colonel Mustafa in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

He proceeded to rise musically with his former colleague Nasty Thomas, with whom he founded the now-defunct Deux Vultures, as their debut song "Monalisa" became a huge hit in the early 2000s.

Mustafa gained greater notoriety for his appearances in the reality series "Nairobi Diaries," which gave viewers a peek into the action-packed life of the Ladies Man who later dubbed himself "Loboko."

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