self acclaimed Kenyan Jesus of Tongaren

The Judge in Kenya released the self acclaimed Kenyan Jesus of Tongaren after his lawyer asked the court to produce the real Jesus, if they believe his client was fake one.

On Tuesday, a Bungoma court released the self-stayed Tongaren "Jesus" after the federal government failed to supply proof in a case involving brainwashing.

Eliud Wekesa, who refers to himself as "Jesus," is the leader of a cult with little over 200 members who adhere to a distorted interpretation of biblical doctrine.

Wekesa was charged with operating an unregistered society unlawfully, radicalization, and money laundering; however, the prosecution informed the court on Tuesday that it lacked proof.

George Wajackoyah, the leader of the Roots Party and a candidate for president in 2022, appeared in court as 'Yesu wa Tongaren's' representative.

He was released a day after a group of Bungoma County MPs called for the release of an evangelist who had been arbitrarily detained for a week.

The MPs emphasised that the preacher's freedom should not have any bail requirements, under the leadership of Tongaren MP John Chikati.

"We want his unconditional release from all restrictions and without a bail period. He needs to be freed without posting bail," he said.

Webuye East MP Martin Wanyonyi and Chikati said that Wekesa offered no threat. He said that Wekesa was a guy who was dedicated to praying for others.

"He is asking God to make 'Papa Wa Roma' (referring to Moses Wetangula, Speaker of the National Assembly) the President of Kenya." Chikati said, "Release him."

He continued by saying that the priest is a destitute guy and cannot be connected to money laundering.

Wekesa was taken into custody by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI, in Bungoma after receiving many requests for questioning.

The investigator in charge of the case, Elijah Macharia, questioned Wekesa about his New Jerusalem Church, which he said had been operating illegally for 12 years.

Following his interview on May 11, Wekesa would be taken into custody and charged in court with running an illegal organisation, radicalization, and money laundering.

In order to determine if the suspect is qualified to face trial, the prosecution asked the court to permit a mental evaluation of him.

In response to the prosecution's request, Bungoma Principal Magistrate Tom Olando gave them four days to wrap up their investigation at the suspect's home and conduct a mental evaluation.

On May 12, Olando said, "The court has consented and authorised clearance for the prosecution side to lock up the individual in question for four additional days in order to allow them to conclude the investigation and conduct the mental assessment."

Additionally, the prosecution claimed that illegal actions related to brainwashing had taken place inside the suspect's church and may have been connected to the Paul Mackenzie-led starving cult in Kilifi's Shakahola.

The prosecution justified its demand that Wekesa remain in custody by claiming that he was at risk of being stoned or crucified by the people.

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