Kenya's second lady, Pastor Dorcas Rigathi
Kenya's second lady, Pastor Dorcas Rigathi

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, Kenya's second lady, reaffirmed her commitment to paying for yearly big nuptials for dressed and trained policemen.

She said the action was taken in conjunction with the office of the Inspector General to protect families inside the forces on May 27 at the annual gathering of the central armed and regimented forces in Nyeri.

The Second Lady said that this was the only way to guarantee that wives and kids of officers continued to receive benefits from the government after the officer's death.

"Together with the Inspector General of Police, we have chosen to uphold our pledge to have annual uniformed weddings and investigate funding options."

"There isn't a defence." To safeguard your children, all you are required to do is show up dressed in your uniform and accompanied by your wife," she said.

She said that many troops used their parents' names while registering as their next of kin, saying that some of them were never introduced to their parents due to the nature of their work.

Dorcas pointed out that this was not an excuse, and the government was committed to making sure that families upheld moral principles and that soldiers' relatives were well protected.

"Since you have no control over the nature of your employment, your children will suffer since you failed to identify them when you were called home by God while on duty. 

Because your parents were listed as your next of kin when you joined the Army, she said, "They are frequently not given what you have worked for."

In November 2022, Pastor Dorcas initially announced the change, saying it was in keeping with the Kenya Kwanza government's goal to safeguard police welfare.

Kenya's second lady, Pastor Dorcas Rigathi

The Office of the Spouse of the Deputy President (OSDP), which would facilitate these unions, will allegedly foster parental principles and chaplaincy.

Pastor Dorcas said, "This is part of the Kenya Kwanza Government's objective and vow to improve police welfare. I think that strong families are the foundation of society," she said.

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