Following a ruling by Malindi Principal Magistrate Ivy Wasike that the court lacked the authority to decide on the allegations of terrorism that the law enforcement agency was attempting to add in opposition to Pastor Paul Mackenzie, the defence and the criminal prosecution came to the conclusion that they should drop the case against Mackenzie.

Paul Mackenzie out of Prison

Since the individuals in question had already been detained for the maximum amount of time—ten days—the magistrate decided that it was necessary for them to be released from custody.

The Magistrate said in her decision that was handed down on Tuesday, May 2, that the court in Malindi was lacking in the authority to provide formal precautionary relief and that this kind of release could only be acquired from the High Court.

After they had been brought to trial, she suggested that the accused petition the specialised court for their release on bail.

A group of law enforcement agents moved quickly to re-arrest the cult leader as well as his co-accused companion.

It is anticipated that they will soon be transferred to Shanzu, where they are going to encounter more charges.

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