The Muungano Church of All Nations, founded by Ronald Wanyama, the self-declared Nabii Yohana V from Nandolia village in Kanduyi

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has called a guy who says he is John the Baptist in a new body.

The Muungano Church of All Nations, founded by Ronald Wanyama, the self-declared Nabii Yohana V from Nandolia village in Kanduyi, must be explained.

"I don't offend anybody. Francis Kooli, the county police chief, said he was merely carrying out the government's directive to ensure that the churches operating in this area were doing so lawfully.

The 82-year-old claims to have 289 children and 46 women. His youngest wife, he said, is 24 years old.

Kooli has told Wanyama to explain the methods he employs to instruct his followers.

"I have kindly requested that Nabii appears before the DCI in Bungoma on Friday so that we may speak with him." In addition, I asked him to bring his instruments of the trade," Kooli stated.

The individual claims to have authored a Bible, and the police are curious about it.

The guy was not there when the county police commander paid an unscheduled visit to the Wanyamas' house on Monday, but his tenth wife, Catherine Nalonja, gave the police assurances that he would show up.

In addition to claiming to be able to cure a variety of diseases, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, and witchcraft, Wanyama also says she can influence elections. Even insane individuals, according to their neighbours, may be cured.

He claims to have written the 93-book Bible he uses to deliver sermons to his congregation. He has a flag outside the mentioned church encircled by 12 stones.

"I was born in Egypt and moved to Israel after five years, where I spent the next 230 years of my life. Later, I returned to my maker. I made Jesus' path easier to follow. I was 203 years old when Jesus arrived. Before I ascended to heaven, I dedicated him to start his task, alleges Nabii.

"I am the final prophet sent by God to save humanity from corruption, homosexuality, and poor government. Jesus Christ allowed me to revive the dead when he was crucified.

In a previous interview with The Standard, Wanyama claimed that even though God had sent Jesus on a 109-year mission to instruct and free people from sin, he had not yet accomplished his goal.

On February 15, 1941, he claimed that God subsequently sent him to finish the mission of Jesus and bring light to Africa.

The self-styled prophet claims that God gave him the order to wed 48 women, and he is eager to carry out this directive.

"I give presentations to over 70,000 people from all over the world who have approached me with various challenges that I have solved," he claims.

"I don't charge anybody for my services here," he continues. When someone gets cured and wants to thank me, I accept, but I don't ask for any money. My whole body of knowledge is based on the Bible. I am the sole man of God who is poised to transform the world's gospel."

The ill are taken to a river nearby after Jesus has prayed for them, where they are baptised to symbolise their sins being washed away.

The man of God also claimed that baptised Jesus of Tongaren several hundreds years ago.

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