Florence Bore, the Labour Cabinet Secretary
Florence Bore, the Labour Cabinet Secretary

Florence Bore, the Labour Cabinet Secretary, has explained why she was required to leave MP Edward Muriu's residence at night.

Bore explained the situation by stating that the reason was that she had worked late on the day in question.

She said that after getting her security deposit back, she sought another property, and within an hour, she found one that met her needs and became her new residence.

The Cabinet Secretary referred to the turmoil that has surrounded the residence as "a blessing in disguise."

"The ten percent security deposit that I had paid was refunded to me, and I was free to go. There was a suspicion that I left the flat late at night. This is because I worked throughout the day and continued to do so until around 9 p.m."

Bore said, "When I got back to my house, I saw that he had already transferred the money into my account."

"I'm happy that my children are happy, and I wish him well."

Bore said that even though they did not have an arrangement for the sale of the property, she had fulfilled her obligations according to the terms that they had first agreed upon.

The customer service representative continued by saying that she did not resort to violent means and that the problem could have been resolved peacefully.

"I signed my part, and it's possible that he hasn't signed his part yet, but I've already done what he wanted me to do, as well as the 10% that he wanted."

And because it was not a major issue, we really ought to have spoken about it. If he had found another buyer, I would not have had a problem with it, and I would not have used any coercion," stated Bore.

Both Bore and Muriu had been engaged in a dispute over who should be the legitimate proprietor of the Sh120 million property.

The CS said that they had negotiated a price with the property's owner and had come to an agreement on it.

She claimed that Muriu Mungai & Company (MMC Asafo), which was acting on behalf of the seller, confirmed receipt of the legally binding contract for sale by stamping it on the conveying letter that her legal counsel had prepared.

Bore argued that Muriu had consented that she may occupy the home while she looks for a mortgage facility for the remaining sum, which she has a realistic expectation of obtaining within the 90-day time frame that has been agreed upon for the transaction.

Amara Manco Villa, who is reported to be the property manager of the aforementioned residence, allegedly sent the CS a notice on Tuesday instructing them to evacuate the premises within the next twenty-four hours.

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