After capturing an Assistant County Commissioner for Roysambu Mercy Kavoi in Nairobi, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has made a big detention under Bishop David Oginde.

The official was detained after accusations surfaced that she sought a bribe of KES 50,000 from a Mathare Slum resident in exchange for returning building supplies that had been seized during the demolition of the complainant's building, which was alleged to have been built fraudulently on a road reserve.

Assistant County Commissioner for Roysambu Mercy Kavoi

Mercy organised the destruction of the building in Mathare North with the help of a local chief, seizing all building supplies, including iron sheets and window frames that were held in her office.

After receiving a report about the event, the EACC started an undercover investigation that proved the bribe demand.

In a meeting at the office of the Assistant County Commissioner, the person making the complaint begged for forgiveness and asked for a decrease in the bribe amount.

The demand ultimately decreased to KES 25,000 with the stipulation that payment would be made quickly and in full.

As a result, the Assistant County Commissioner and the person tasked with purportedly collecting the bribe money on her behalf were both detained by the EACC on June 14, 2023.

The agent tried to run, tossing the KES 25,000 into the Mathare mob of bystanders, but the EACC came in to capture him. As locals rushed to collect the strewn money, chaos erupted.

The Assistant County Commissioner and the agent were driven to the EACC Integrity Centre Police Station after being apprehended and gave statements on what happened there.

Agent David Musyoki

They were freed on police bail while the EACC conducts its inquiry and is ready to suggest the Director of Public Prosecutions file the proper charges that could also lead to her removal from public service.

"  EACC arrested Roysambu Assistant County Commissioner who demanded Kes.50K bribe from a Mathare resident in order to return his construction materials that the Administrator had taken away after demolishing the complainant's 3-roomed mabati house she said was on a road reserve.

" She was arrested on Wednesday alongside her Agent David Musyoki, to whom she had ordered the complainant to deliver the money. Musyoki took to his heels towards Mathare slum but detectives outran and re-arrested him. At this point, he threw the money to members of the public.

" EACC urges members of the public not to at any time succumb to bribe demands from public officials but always report such matters. At the same time, citizens should develop a culture of obeying the laws that govern our society," said EACC.

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