Ali Kiba and Amina wedding in Kilifi

Ali Kiba, a Tanzanian artist, is adamant about not sharing his personal information online.

He revealed his moves during a previous conversation. According to what he claimed, he is unwilling to discuss his personal life under any conditions.

When asked about the reported problems in his marriage, the musician, noted for his calming Swahili tunes, stated this in response.

Being the individual who has served in the business the longest, Kiba sidestepped the topic by discussing how love has evolved through time.

The artist claims that since individuals nowadays don't know what genuine love is, the majority of relationships terminate as soon as they begin.

"Wazee wetu walikuwa na mahaba sana. Zamani hawakuwa na hiyo formula ya kuwa na mpenzi wa kwanza, wa pili, wa tatu, wa nne, wa tano. Kiukweli ata kama ilikuwepo; few men can do that," Ali Kiba said while explaining why love was special back then.

He continued by blaming phoney love for failed marriages and relationships.

"Mapenzi ya uongo ni mengi, alafu ya mahaba ni kidogo sana," said Kiba.

A few days after his Kenyan wife, Amina, requested a divorce from him, he made a remark about love.

Amina said that even though the man she had divorced had acknowledged the end of their marriage, he was unwilling to sign the divorce documents.

"I realised this needed to be addressed. I feel like it's getting out of hand! In response to reports of her divorce," Amina Khaleef stated in her post, "I am weary of being insulted in public while individuals are unable to comprehend what it takes to live as someone's wife."

Amina said, "I left you to avoid experiencing additional hurt, abuse, and other problems; however, ever since then, you have refused to grant me a divorce."

Amina Khaleef said she had concluded with Kiba, who, on the other hand, keeps silent about the matter but gives the impression that everything is well.

In April 2018, Khalef and Kiba exchanged vows in a magnificent ceremony at Vipingo Ridge, Kilifi.

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