Pastor Ezekiel Odero's TV

After a Mombasa court decision, the state reinstated broadcasting by Pastor Ezekiel Odero's TV stations, giving him a respite.

The church praised God for the decision and proclaimed the return to operation of its TV station on June 15, 2023, through YouTube.

This has made it possible for the televangelist and his many subscribers and fans to interact live.

"We give God all the honour, Newlife family. The church announced its YouTube page. Now we are on air in the aerial, free-to-air decoder, and satellite across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, the Congo, and the Congo DR."

The preacher said during court proceedings in recent months that the shutdown, which prevented millions of people from attending services, was costing him Ksh10 million each week.

World Evangelism and Paul Mackenzie's Times TV had their programming halted by the Communication Authority of Kenya due to the Shakahola fatalities and cult preaching.

According to the CA statement, "the Authority found that the TV stations breached broadcasting standards criteria and licence restrictions after an exhaustive evaluation of programming aired by the two channels between January and April 2023.

Pastor Ezekiel Odero's TV

According to CA, it was discovered that World Evangelism TV, which is controlled by Odero, showed objectionable material on exorcism throughout the watershed time. According to reports, the TV station also broke 12 additional laws.

According to reports, Mackenzie's Times TV broke 17 more broadcasting licence requirements in addition to airing offensive material about exorcism.

The CA then instructed Pan African Network Group (PANG) Limited, a distributor of broadcast signals, to stop airing the two stations on its various networks until further notice was given.


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