wife of the Deputy President, Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, brought her boychild campaign to Bungoma County.

To encourage religious leaders to take on the responsibility of mentoring and counselling the boys who are involved in recovering from substance addiction, the wife of the Deputy President, Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, brought her boychild campaign to Bungoma County.

Pastor Dorcas further urged moms to step up and raise boys who would not feel excluded from the community during the time she met with religious leaders from the western region in Bungoma town.

"As mothers, we must put more effort into raising our sons. Let them experience feelings; let them weep if necessary. Teach them how to communicate their issues since we are now losing too many people," she said.

"We raise them and send them to colleges. They are transported there in a coffin because they are unable to bear the stresses of life, even though you sold everything to get them there in the hopes that they would come and assist you and society.

At least 55 young men attempted suicide at Nairobi University in the previous year, according to Pastor Dorcas, who recently paid a visit to the school. She claimed that mental illnesses and sadness were major contributing factors in many of these suicides.

"For this reason, we insist that we shouldn't pay attention to foreign ideologies and agendas. As Africans, we are blessed with our own culture, which we must uphold, "she questioned. "Where would a guy partnering with another man acquire a kid from?"

Pastor Dorcas said that until the missing boychild is found, she will not only pray but also travel the nation promoting the boychild's agenda.

She lamented the fact that many parents had raised their sons to see women as objects of disgrace.

"How can you anticipate a male to treat women with deference when you encourage them not to get close to their mother, not to go to the kitchen, and not to weep like their sisters when they are young?"

"You tell them when they weep that they are sobbing like ladies. I believe we are expecting too much of them," she said.

"I don't sleep because I think of the boy child. I will not allow Satan to advance his agenda and destroy seed carriers,"" said Pastor Dorcas Rigathi.

Governor Ken Lusaka of Bungoma joined Pastor Dorcas and pledged to advance important issues in his region. Governor Lusaka likewise urged Kenyans to allow the government some time to fulfil its word.

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