Sauti Sol vocalists Bien and Chimano openly flirted with one another.

During the Swedish part of their international music tour, Sauti Sol vocalists Bien and Chimano openly flirted with one another.

Openly LGBTQ Chimano flaunted his rainbow socks while boasting that his 'fiancé' Bien had given them to him.

Chimano said, "I just received the most adorable pair of socks from my fiancé, Bien."

Bien quickly retorted to correct him, explaining that the true pronunciation of the word "fiancé" is "fee-ahn-say."

Bien corrected Chimano: "Fee-ahn-say."

Chimano echoed the right pronunciation: "Hehehe 'fee-ahn-say'."

Chimano added his appreciation to Bien for giving him the rainbow sock over Pride Month.

LGBT Pride Month is in June. It honours and celebrates the pride of lesbian, gay, bis3xual, and transgender people.

"It's Pride Month, after all, so thanks for the rainbow," Chimano said to Bien.

Bien said, "I love you," to Chimano.

Bien sent Chimano a love note, and Chimano replied, "I love you too, boo."

The Sauti Sol squad was on a globe-trotting tour while they were in Stockholm, Sweden. They played on June 16th, a Friday.

In December 2021, Willis Austin Chimano came out as gay in public.

After launching his first song, "Friday Feeling," in December 2021, Chimano came out as gay.

Chimano said that after coming out as gay, he was enjoying a complete life in a February 4, 2022, interview with Kiss FM.

"When you genuinely fall in love with yourself and accept who you are, whether it's with your s3xuality, if it's with your physical appearance, or your understanding that there's a possibility you have an addiction issue or mental issues," said Chimano, "you live a fuller and happier life."

Chimano also discussed his upcoming nuptials, stating that his partner values privacy and that their wedding would take place in a quiet setting.

He said that only a small number of guests would be present, and the wedding would be extremely intimate. The singer of Sauti Sol said that no one would even know they were married since he doesn't want his love to deal with bullies on social media and he also respects his private life.

"Is a wedding on the horizon?" Interviewer Chimano posed a question.

"I will first keep that one to myself. Onward and upward. I make a lot of effort to conceal that aspect of my life. I will keep that one item to myself. Good for you if you ever find out. Because it includes people who don't want the spotlight, that aspect of my life is private," Chimano said.

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