Former Health Principal Secretary Josephine Mburu

Former Health Principal Secretary Josephine Mburu claims she was wrongfully sacked, tells Senate Committee that PS Peter Tum was in charge when KEMSA bungled a Ksh3.7 billion tender.

Josephine Mburu, a former principal secretary for health, claims that the media informed her of her dismissal.

Mburu claimed she was in her office at approximately 6:45 p.m., completing letters and reading, when she switched on the TV and saw the breaking news. She made her statement while testifying before a committee.

"I continue to inquire about myself and why I was fired, but from the media, we learned the President was advised to sack me, so I guess the question is will I pursue justice, or perhaps we need to know what advice the President provided for him to say, Josephine, you were involved in this tender," she added.

She continued by claiming that she has over 34 years of experience in the public sector and that she endeavours to the best of her ability to meet the requirements specified and manage sensitive information.

"I have a strong working relationship with the president; the morning before I was fired, I met with the head of state. I want to be heard, and I want a fair administrative decision," she stated.

President William Ruto dismissed Mburu, the entire Kenya Medical Supplies Authority board, and Daniel Rono, its executive director, on May 16.

Following allegations of a controversy involving the distribution of mosquito nets, the head of state promised to take bold measures.

Ruto has chosen Irungu Nyakera to be the KEMSA board's concurrent leader.

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