Kabi and Niccha hug

Kabi was unable to control himself from announcing that Nicah, a gospel singer, had worked hard for her waist in a loud voice.

Kenyan content producer Milly Wajesus is upset with her spouse, Kabi Wajesus, for showing affection in front of her for another woman's body.

In the most recent episode of the reality series Oh Sister, Kabi openly acknowledged the gospel singer Nicah's waist and couldn't help but remark that Nicah had earned it.

He said, "Hee hio umeworkia hio kiuno, unajua mtu anaezaifeel ukiishika tu hivi," as he hugged Nicah.

Milly Wajesus was not pleased with the gesture, so she drew her husband aside and chastised him for showing her contempt in public.

Kabi and Niccha hug

"You often engage in it. You followed suit the prior week. This is excessive. No, you can't. Making myself uncomfortable is the goal here, not making her feel awkward. Because you often complement yourself by saying, "Oh, love, you work out; hio kiuno," alafu sasa unaanza kucompliment viuno vya wasichana wengine mbele yangu."

Milly said that Kabi has done such in her presence before and that it is unacceptable given that he often advises her to focus on her waist.

"In the initial encounter, he did it; the situation was public." A well-known makeup artist attends a Halloween gathering and says, "Hae good to see you."

Size 8, who was also there, offered her opinion on the subject, stating that it is improper for husbands to demand that their spouses alter. Additionally, she requested that Dj Mo, her husband, deal with Kabi for insulting his wife in public.

"Emotional abuse, basi we Kabi si ukuwe mrefu," says the Kabi. "If your husband keeps pressuring you to be a certain way and you are not,"

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