recent online images and videos of Sheriffa Wambui, aka Manzi Wa Kibera

 If the most recent online images and videos of Sheriffa Wambui, aka Manzi Wa Kibera, are any indication, she is no longer available for dating.

The socialite shared a picture of herself and her 66-year-old partner, Samuel Nzuki Ndunda, alias Fundi Kijana, during a secret wedding in which they look to be exchanging vows.


Only the couple and the boy performing the marriage ceremony had invitations to the private gathering. This has drawn criticism from vigilant residents who claim she is engaging in her regular clout-chasing.

The two displayed their rings in a second, more thorough photograph, which they captioned as follows:

"As long as you're feeling happy, it doesn't matter who you love."

Manzi wa Kibera wed her spouse, Obidan Dela, in a well-publicised ceremony in 2021, but her happily ever after was short-lived.

Within two weeks, she broke the news of their separation, claiming that they had hurried the process and had not given it sufficient consideration before deciding to start a family.

The socialite vented her anger over the nuptials on her Instagram stories in a scathing outburst.

After professing her unwavering love for Mumias East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya and receiving his rejection, the notorious socialite formally acknowledged her relationship with her current partner in 2022.

Manzi would not reveal the man's identity but said that he has been a widower since his wife passed away in 2007, adamant that they were not power-seeking. She said that he treats her like a princess and calls her his retirement gift.

He is my new partner. After declaring my love to MP Salasya, who rejected me, I eventually met him. 

He is affluent and has money. He provides me with a nice life, plenty of love, and attention, she stated.

The mzee said Manzi was not too young for him since, unlike young men, he could take care of her.

She is too young for me, but unlike young guys who are out there hurting young girls, I can take care of her and fulfil my word.

Before their planned wedding, Manzi Wa Kibera split up with her elderly boyfriend in late May 2023.

The mzee said in a chat with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko that Manzi wa Kibera abandoned him when he became impoverished.

The 66-year-old said that the socialite absolutely ignored him and would not return his phone calls when he tried to get in touch with her.

"Amenitoroka akanitia wasiwasi sana. Vile nilikua nakaa mbeleni si vile nko dakika hii. Nikipiga simu kwake ata hachukui. Alikua anaona nko na kapesa, akaona kapesa kameisha," he said.

The sexagenarian further bemoaned the fact that Manzi wa Kibera stole his title deed and fled.

"Ata kuna title yangu nilimpatia ya shamba. Ilikua tujenge kanyumba hapo tukue tunakaa hapo na yeye tukipata kakitu kidogo tulime, tupate ata kama ni mbuzi tufuge. Nilimpatia aniwekee. Nataka anirudishie kama inawezekana. Kama anaona hatuendelei anaweza kunirushia title yangu," the granny said.

He said that once he questioned Manzi wa Kibera about the title deed, she stopped returning his calls.

"Alichukua simu ya kwanza, wakati niliongea pahali ya title hakupiga simu tena na hakuchukua simu tena. Ata nkimpigia hachukui," he said.

The old widower begged Manzi wa Kibera once again to hand back his title deed, claiming he was willing to forgive her so they could go to their farm upcountry.

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