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A teacher at a junior secondary school in Nandi County, 38, was detained after being accused of assaulting a student in the seventh grade there.

The event has been reported to have occurred on Tuesday, June 28, 2023, at about 7 p.m.

The incident was brought to the attention of the police station in Songhor, where it was documented under OB No. 5/28/6/2023. William Lulei, the Soba chief, acknowledged the detention.

The officer claims that the teacher assaulted the pupil in a neighbouring maize field while the student was leaving a posho mill.

"The teacher was on a motorbike when the girl encountered him on the way home after being assigned the task of grinding maize in a neighbouring posho mill.

"The instructor stopped his motorcycle, snatched the student by the throat, and took her into the adjoining cornfield, where he violated her. During the scuffle, the bag of flour was also spilled," according to the chief.

"Our inquiries have revealed that the individual in question is a teacher at Sigoria School's junior secondary division who recently received a raise from Samutet Primary Division to JSS.

"We escorted him with other security personnel to Songhor police station and detained him this morning at 6 a.m. while he was asleep in his home," Lulei continued.

The student was transported to the Meteitei sub-county hospital following the event for a checkup while the inquiry got underway.

The chief stated, "The individual in question is being kept at the police station until trial in court."

The culprit narrowly dodged a crowd as enraged locals bayed for his murder after abusing the kid, the chief stated.

"Over 100 enraged villagers tried to execute the man, but the police sought protection with additional personnel and escorted him to the police station," the chief recalled.

Residents of Nandi had been complaining about an increase in defiling incidents in the area. The chief used the chance to urge the community to call the police immediately if such a scenario arises.

"As local authorities, we won't think twice about apprehending those responsible for such crimes and prosecuting them. We encourage parents and locals to continue bringing such filthy instances to our workplaces; however, when they do, we will handle them impartially," the chief stated.




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