social media personality Kamene Goro bathing Omena

An internet video showing radio host and social media personality Kamene Goro bathing Omena with soap has made her the talk of the town.

The little fish are gently washed in thick foam, as shown in the video Mkenya Leo saw, before being rinsed with disinfectant in the kitchen sink.

View the video here:

Online Kenyans are not happy about this since they believe her actions are harmful to human health.

Ignorance, perhaps? Doing it for influence or simply to provide content?

Before cooking, Kamene Goro cleanses Omena with soap and disinfectant.

social media personality Kamene Goro bathing Omena

Whatever it is, as an influencer, some of her credulous supporters might fall for it seriously and suffer the repercussions.

KOT has expressed worry over her behaviour in light of the fact that she is now married to a person who ought to be accountable.

The tweets we chose are listed below:

@BravinYuri: One of the reasons you should all pay attention when we warn you about red flags is that Kamene Goro cleans Omena with soap and disinfectant before preparing them for her husband. This one has to be given back to her parents right now, or else that guy will suffer a protracted, painful death.

@WakeshoMakio: It really disturbs me when I see someone fiddling with food merely for fun.

@AlinurMohamed_: Omena is not a meal. I'm curious as to why folks are so irate at Kamene Goro.

@ErelWama: He ought to have shown her how to make omena for her. It's absurd that women are the only ones allowed to cook meals.

@DerrickSerembe: Let our kid enjoy his marriage as he pleases; he made his decision. Both washing omena with soap and disinfectant and not washing it are OK.

@itsMannuel: Making jokes about food while most Kenyans don't have anything to eat... Jokes about content producers being able to see their work online are common.

@omwambaKE: With mixed emotions, I watched the video where Kamene Goro washes Omena with hot water, soap, and disinfectant. What direction are we, as a nation, taking? Let's respect Omena as it deserves!

@Moha001_Onyango: This is a serious insult to the lakeside neighbourhood and the millions of people who enjoy the delicious food. Omena defamation won't be tolerated on my timeline.

@Nyaberih_: You may be wondering why Kamene Goro has such a high body count because she is anaosha omena na sabuni. Omena's na sabuni kwake, Nani anataka mtu anaosha? Be fr. Son, hit and run. Tafuta dem kupika anajua. You attract the women you want, so to speak.

@ProtijManuu: Omena being washed by Kamene Goro with soap indicates that DJ Bonez does the cooking in their union. Ni Kiundu is evil.

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