Jude Magambo said that his parents have their complete backing as he prepares to go to Meru with Josh to conduct dowry discussions.

The duo acknowledged their past relationship publicly and used the terms "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" while speaking with blogger Commentator.

Jude Magambo joked, "Ni mali safi" (which translates to "He's a real treasure") while laughing sheepishly as she characterised Josh as adorable and recalled their regular tagging on TikTok.

Welly Josh, the second guy in the partnership, attested to the sincerity of their union and said he had no romantic interests in women.

Pluto's public statement of love by Jude Magambo attracted interest on social networking sites and other websites.

Jude Magambo introduces his lover

Jude freely said in an interview with the media that Pluto should think about dating him since he might appreciate him more courteously than his present girlfriend.

After seeing the video, Pluto pushed Jude towards discovering something worthwhile to look into and cautioned him to avoid discussing him to preserve his image.

Jude also heard from Felicity, Thee Pluto's girlfriend, who warned him to keep away from her partner.

Jude, also known by the stage name "Manzi wa Meru," expressed remorse regarding the way other people perceived his gender identity in a different interview.

He fervently emphasised his gender orientation and exhorted everyone to realise that love has no bounds.

Jude chose to accept Pluto's denial regardless of her disappointment. He argued that he shouldn't prevent males from contacting him, just like any lady.

He urged people to put their endeavours first and quit criticising others who are prosperous in life.

Despite their age, they haven't spent a lot of moments together in real life. Jude Magambo has, at last, discovered an accomplice in Welly Josh.

Jude's parents approve of his decision and don't mind if he travels to Meru with his sweetheart.


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