Rahab Karisa, the Kilifi Chief County Officer for Fisheries and Blue Economy

Rahab Karisa, the Kilifi Chief County Officer for Fisheries and Blue Economy, was fatally knifed by one of her housekeepers on Thursday, July 20, 2023, at her Mnarani residence.

On social media, Maxwell Mmera, also known as "Mmera Senior" on Facebook, paid a moving homage to his late wife Karisa.

The widower bemoaned that the deceased's sole error was arguing with the maid about stealing in their home and claimed that his spouse was not entitled to the awful murder at the hands of their househelp.

On Saturday, July 22, 2023, the widower commemorated what would have been his late wife's 31st birthday posthumously by sharing the findings of his late wife's autopsy.

"Baby, mum, wifey, love, friend Amani Rahab 😭😭😭 I don't know what to think, what to believe, what to imagine, what to care about and what not to - I could let it all flow and allow the depression of it to kick in, and maybe lose out on life (I have lost so much and I am tired), but it matters that I stay sane because of these little ones. 

"I regret letting you take this career move (away from me), 7 months down the line I am coming back to a lifeless, cold and dead you babe 😭. We had plans for your comeback, great projects to achieve and dreams of the future, but now what can I say except cry!!!" Mmera wrote in part on Facebook.

"You didn't deserve it, you that cannot hurt a fly, you didn't. And your only mistake being, asking a housegirl who has stolen from you while you were away and mentioning to her that the following day you'd take her to the police. 

"The brutal animal instead of just escaping peacefully, wakes up and stabs you while you are sleeping - that was was so painful my love 😭, I am sorry baby I couldn't protect you. You just jetted in and couldn't come to me coz of maandamano, you chose a connecting flight only to die the same night 😭," the widower wrote.

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