TikToker Kelvin Kinuthia

TikToker Kelvin Kinuthia just purchased a brand-new red Nissan note for himself. A few days after teasing her pregnancy with some happy news, Kinuthia gave the new automobile the moniker Baby Blessing.

The youthful man is seen wearing makeup, a wig, and an outfit with an African design made of white cloth as he walks past the windscreen of a red motor vehicle.

He had written the following message for the video: officialkinuthia, "Welcome home, baby, with many blessings.  Just a mother-daughter affair."

He could be made out strolling next to the automobile and in front of it in the various pictures and perspectives that were combined.

The YouTuber had also, at some point, sat in the steering wheel and was recording or taking selfies of himself inside the vehicle.

The Nissan Note, which costs between Sh1.4 million and Sh2 million based on the year of manufacture if it is new, was thoroughly shown to us all.

TikToker Kelvin Kinuthia

A used Nissan Note might cost anything between Sh800,000 and Sh1 million, depending on where you choose to buy it.

His supporters and fans congratulated him on his new acquisition in the comments area.

The young guy also had the opportunity to address the issue, and it appeared that the "baby B" he was referring to was really an automobile rather than a true pregnancy.

He became part of the group of Tiktokers as well as satisfied producers who were able to purchase new automobiles for their own use this year.

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