President Ruto and Raila

After receiving criticism from his predecessor, Uhuru Kenyatta, for the raid on his son's home, President William Ruto reiterated on Saturday, July 22, his commitment to upholding Kenyans' rights.

Speaking in Kisii County, where he unveiled several programmes, Ruto retaliated at Uhuru, saying that it is his role to defend all Kenyans, not just his family, which takes precedence over Uhuru's.

Ruto also claims that Uhuru funds Raila Odinga's protests in Azimio.

Ruto stressed that he, too, had a vital role as one of the Jubilee Party's founding members and vehemently resisted Uhuru's attempts to reclaim control over the party.

He stayed steadfast in his resolve to work with the faction headed by former Murang'a Woman Representative Sabina Chege and EALA MP Kanini Kega.

Ruto said, " Also, must defend the young ones of the rest of Kenyans, just as you go out of your way to protect and care for them.

"You love your kids to such an extent that you send them to Arusha, Europe, and various other places, yet you make your kids and those of other people throw stones and damage property," he said.

Ruto reportedly bemoaned that the demonstrations were casting Kenya in a negative light, noting a previous chat with Wang Yi, a senior Chinese ambassador, who voiced reservations regarding the country's course.

"Now that we are demolishing roads like the Nairobi Motorway, which they constructed, the Chinese envoy is asking me how they can keep working with us."

One day before Ruto's comments, DCI agents conducted a house invasion in Karen, targeting Uhuru's eldest son. The decision infuriated the previous president, who promptly arrived at the mansion and chastised his successor for threatening his family instead of standing up to him.

"Show up for me. What relevance does my mom have at all? Uhuru questioned, "What does my son have to do with anything?


Within a short period, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki delivered a press release stating that the authorities had searched a few homes in Karen to prevent the improper use of guns during the continuing anti-government rallies.


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