On social media, a video showing the close meeting between Tanzanian artist Lavalava and Kenyan socialite Shakilla has surfaced.

Tanzanian artist Lavalava and Kenyan socialite Shakilla video has surfaced

A rush of humorous and curious comments have been left on the selfie video showing Shakilla in bed with Lava Lava, who appears to be sound asleep.

Netizens wasted no time in sharing their opinions on the impromptu meeting as soon as word of the video went viral. Laughably, one person said, "Fear the sleep after the match."

Tanzanian artist Lavalava and Kenyan socialite Shakilla video has surfaced

An additional user jokingly added @memeflix_visuals. "Shakilla is the one collecting celebrity chains," the person suggests, meaning that Shakilla has a talent for interacting with well-known people.

Witty comments and playful banter abound in the comments area. Lavalava was the target of some online satire, with some users claiming that he ought to have understood beforehand not to bring his cellphone into the bedroom.

"Make sure they don't bring their mobile devices into your home or room at this point," said one user, @seuntreacts. "I assumed famous men already knew this."


Shakilla later distances herself from the video

Kenyan celebrity Shakilla has at last responded to the recent video that went viral online and divided internet users.

Shakilla professed her shock at the video's appearance on her Instagram stories and firmly denounced any involvement in its distribution.

The socialite said that the video was recorded more than two years ago on the phone of a stranger with whom she hasn't spoken in over a year.

"There is a video of me and an individual whose name is on it that is going around the internet. I would like to convey that I am startled to see the video because it was shot more than two years ago and I haven't talked to or encountered the individual in over a year."

Shakilla made it obvious that she would not respond to any further questions or have conversations about the video.

 ''I am not held accountable for publishing or having any interactions with the third party concerned, so I am not going back and forth or addressing any questions regarding this video.''

Tanzanian artist Lavalava and Kenyan socialite Shakilla video has surfaced

Shakilla has adamantly denied any participation, so the focus is now on the unidentified third person who recorded the interaction.

The emergence of the film has stirred rumours and prompted inquiries from the general public. Many people are curious about the events surrounding its filming and eventual publication.

She did not say who the third party was, but her goal was to disassociate herself from any involvement with the upload or the video's content.

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