Roberto Di Zerbi, the manager of Brighton, has shot down rumours that Moises Caicedo will go to Chelsea this summer and made fun of the Blues for missing out on competing in Europe for the following season.

Caicedo will remain with Brighton, according to Di Zerbi, unless the owner changes his mind. In light of the significant role Caicedo played in Brighton's qualifying for the Europa League, he emphasised the need for identifying the appropriate successor if Caicedo were to go.

Roberto Di Zerbi, the manager of Brighton, has shot down rumours that Moises Caicedo

Tony Bloom, the owner of Brighton, will eventually decide whether to maintain or sell Caicedo. To find out if Caicedo will be permitted to go, Di Zerbi advised people to talk with Bloom.

The Brighton manager, Roberto Di Zerbi, has denied rumours that Moises Caicedo will be transferring to Chelsea this summer.

Di Zerbi pointed out the Blues' failure to earn any European football last season as a cruel jab at them. Brighton accomplished their goal of qualifying for Europe for the inaugural time in their entire history, but Chelsea had a dreadful season and finished 12th in the Premier League.

Notwithstanding Brighton's good season, Moises Caicedo has been the subject of continuous transfer rumours. Other teams have expressed interest in the midfielder as a result of his strong play for the Seagulls.

Di Zerbi has reaffirmed his intention to retain Caicedo this summer, saying that everything is now in order. He gave his viewpoint, adding, "Caicedo remains with us until my owner changes his mind."

"I have no clue what could occur in the not-too-distant future, but if Moises goes, we must locate the appropriate player. Because we play in the Europa League this year instead of Chelsea, we must replace him with a fantastic player.

Caicedo was essential to Brighton's past season's European qualifying. The midfielder's significance to the team is indicated by Brighton's valuation of him at £100 million.

To emphasise this, Di Zerbi said, "If Tony wants to go, you need to deal with him and not with me. After five months, I'm not sure whether he can alter his mind. He renewed his contract in February, and now it's July."


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