Asap Royco Kenyan version of Asap Rocky, a.k.a. Rihanna's baby daddy.

You might definitely think of him as the impoverished Asap Rocky, a.k.a. Rihanna's baby daddy.
Jesse Wakaba, a young guy from Kenya, has been cruelly dubbed Asap Royco for imitating Asap Rocky's speech, gestures, and conversation during that time period. His likeness to ASAP Rocky is making him a social media sensation.

When questioned in the initial conversation how much he has ever spent on a woman, Asap Rocky responded, "I could honestly say that, I haven't spent a bad penny on a b***h in my life."

Asap Rocky acknowledged his attractiveness to the interviewer. Jump ahead to this Kenyan man conducting a rehearsed street conversation; he was attired in a more fashionable version of Asap Rocky's look and had the same kind of tufts in his hair that Rocky enjoys.

In response to the identical inquiries that Asap Rocky was posed with, Asap Royco wandered off course and made a list of requirements for ladies who desired to be with him. His popularity sprang from this.

"I seldom ever buy b***s. I spent Sh2,000. I've never spent more money than that. And it's cool if you want to disparage me. I couldn't give a damn. Just a gorgeous girl. For me, it's different. The reward is me. Also, send me flowers.

 "I would like them to hear. Buy me flowers if you're going to hit me. I'll buy you flowers, and I'm also quite gorgeous. I'll take you out occasionally, of course, to prove to you that you are a queen after all. But I'm also a king. I have a unique cut. How many individuals like me who are attractive do you see? I'm incredibly fast," Asap Royco said. 

Kenyans on Twitter converged on him at this point, as they would have expected.

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