• Paul Mackenzie and his cult followers objected in Shanzu Court on Tuesday morning.
  • The group shouted "haki yetu" over their three-month detention hearing. 
  • 41 supporters rescued from Shakahola Forest were also present.

Paul Mackenzie at Shanzu Law court

When Paul Mackenzie, the alleged leader of a cult in Kilifi, and his supporters appeared in Shanzu Court on Tuesday morning, they protested. 

The group had been in custody for almost three months and shouted "haki yetu" (our rights) during the court proceedings.

The state is obligated to inform the court about the next steps and whether or not charges will be filed. Additionally, 41 of Mackenzie's followers, who were rescued from Shakahola Forest, were present in court.

Investigations revealed that the 41 individuals were taken into custody as suspects because they had been to Shakahola Forest with their missing children and grandchildren, who are suspected to have been buried there.

On Monday, the Shanzu Law Courts determined that out of the 65 individuals rescued from Shakahola Forest, 41 would be held at Shimo La Tewa GK jail and treated as suspects.

The remaining individuals were brought back to the rescue facility, where they are currently being held while investigations into the dangerous cult continue.

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