Diana Marua, a content producer, has recounted a time in the past when she was in a fairly intimate scenario with her ex-lover.

The mother of five said that she had another man while her then-lover took turns controlling the wheels during a game of "Truth or Dare" she played on her YouTube channel with her husband, musician Bahati.

Diana Marua in a last event

She delivered a somewhat explosive revelation as she was leaving after Bahati asked her what the naughtiest thing she had done in the past had been.

She urged people not to pass judgement and said, "Sawa baby, let's dismiss it and continue on with our lives. The subject matter should not continue past the camera."

"We took a trip to Mombasa with the groupie, she recalled, and I was positioned in the back, inebriated, acting out of character, and in a foul mood. "But this is my past," she said.

"I made acquaintances with another guy while my partner was driving because I wasn't in the appropriate frame of mind," she said.

She continued by admitting that she has made out with girls while pointing out that she has no romantic ties with them.

"Nimewahi pigana mabusu lakini sijawahi kuwa kwenye mahusiano. Ni kitambo huko nyuma katika siku za tafrija. Nilipigana mabusu kama mara mbili hivi, moja nilikuwa nimelewa na nyingine nilikuwa timamu," Diana said.

Then Bahati made a joke about being tired of hearing his wife's friends claim that he felt intimidated by the recent information.

Bahati said that his greatest fear is being discovered cheating while they are playing "Truth or Dare."

Bahati, who at this point had outraged Diana with his comments, defended himself by saying that he had no intention of cheating since he was afraid of Diana's temper and that she might kill him.

Diana questioned Bahati if she was already going to cheat, jokingly implying that she would have a severe reaction if that were to happen.

"So, unaplan kunicheat, but you're worried that you'll end yourself six feet under because of Hasira yangu mkisii? Because I'm going to do it," she declared.

"My biggest fear is... you know that you are as angry as a Mkisii, and I am afraid that one day you will find me sharing love with another woman... I do not mean that one day I will have the idea of betraying you physically; it is just a fear, and I have done it to answer your question," he revealed.

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