•  The CBC implementation has faced issues due to low parent reading levels, according to the final report by the Presidential Working Party on Education.
  • To solve this issue, policies empowering parents and training both parents and teachers on their crucial role in learning are essential.
  • When involving parents in their children's education, it is crucial to consider the limitations of time and financial constraints.

Parents help children in CBC

According to the recently published final report on the CBC review by the Presidential Working Party on Education, the implementation of the Competency-Based Curriculum has encountered challenges due to low reading levels among parents.

It has been found that some parents are having difficulties assisting their children with their studies because of poor literacy rates. Particularly, male parents have been noted to have low involvement in their children's education, including attending school meetings.

Furthermore, stakeholders have emphasised that some parents are frequently absent, which has made it challenging for them to support their kids with homework.

In light of these concerns, one stakeholder has suggested that a curriculum on parenting skills be developed to help parents better understand and fulfil their roles.

By implementing this solution, it is hoped that parents will be better equipped to support their children's academic progress and ensure the success of the Competency-Based Curriculum.


The success of CBC implementation has been hampered by the perception of parents that teachers are requesting an excessive amount of learning materials.

This has resulted in "take-home" tasks that have been seen as preventing students from engaging in other activities at home.

To address this issue, it is of utmost importance to conduct a thorough review of policies for parental empowerment and to provide rigorous training for both teachers and parents on the role of parents in the learning process.

When involving parents in their children's education, it is crucial to consider the limitations of time and financial constraints.

Furthermore, some stakeholders have expressed concern that CBC can be expensive due to the constant encouragement for parents to purchase additional materials.

It is therefore important to explore alternative methods of providing necessary materials to students and to communicate clearly with parents regarding their options and responsibilities.

It's a common occurrence for concerned parents to offer assistance to their children with homework, but often this help can cross the line into doing the work for them. This can have negative consequences for the child's education, as inaccurate or inflated grades may be given, which can ultimately be seen as cheating.

Additionally, feedback from stakeholders has revealed that a significant number of parents do not have access to the Internet or digital devices, such as cell phones, which could be utilized by students for online research.

One of the primary challenges associated with this curriculum is its reliance on the Internet during lessons. However, what happens if there is no network available to access this essential resource?

Furthermore, it has been observed that many parents are unable to afford the cost of downloading and printing educational materials, which can further hinder their child's academic progress.

The submissions were made possible by the contributions of 48 County and Diaspora reports, 1,461 hard copy memoranda, 500 hours of audiovisual recordings, 138 national stakeholder memoranda, and 6,526 emails.

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