The Buba Girl,  Esther Raphael viral video leaked online

Users of social media have responded to a viral naked video of Esther Raphael, a well-known Nigerian TikTok influencer known as "The Buba Girl," in various ways.

The influencer rose to prominence after a social media video showing her engaged in explicit self-pleasure, frequently referred to as exposing oneself, went viral.

Some people with access to the film through the reality star's partner are accused of leaking the personal video.

 It was discovered that Esther emailed her partner a secret film in the hopes that he would be the only one to watch it.

But according to reports, her partner videotaped it on a different phone and shared it with others, who then used the footage to extort and threaten her.

When the TikTok celebrity declined to comply with their demands, the blackmailers leaked the video.

Since the video first appeared online, social media users have kept trying to respond to it in a variety of ways.

While some criticised the TikTok content producer for the unfortunate event, others sent her words of support and urged her to be courageous during this trying time.

Leaked videos can be downloaded or watched online by searching Nairobi leaks on Telegram. 

Several celebrity leaks have been uploaded on the channel.  Or just watch it here.  

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