The owner of an unusual penthouse in Nairobi's Zimmerman Estate Annie Ombasi that is perched above an apartment told reporters on Sunday that she had always wanted to live close to her childhood home.

So, when it had to do with setting everything up, she sought the aid of Stephen Wangechi, a longtime family friend, who got to work meticulously planning out how to set up the penthouse.


Zimmerman trending house. unusual penthouse in Nairobi's Zimmerman Estate Annie Ombasi speaks

In a now-viral video, the landlady stated, "I grew up in Zimmerman and always dreamed of living where I grew up; I just wanted to be close to my childhood home."

"Sometimes I'm situated in the US, so I frequently go and return."

"The 'BradiJon Mansion' took four years and thousands of emails and phone calls between Annie Lumbasi, a mother of three, and the contractor to finish, "she said.

"I initially came up with this idea, and when I presented it to my contractor, Stephen Wangechi, he assured me that it was practicable," she said.

"He is very competent and has an expertise of over 20 years he used to build for my dad, and this is how I encountered him."

Considering that four years is a long period, she acknowledged that it also required a lot of endurance and trust.

There was not enough property for her to build both a home and apartments for her family. She thus had the new concept of a "penthouse-apartment marriage."

"I had an idea of constructing an apartment and a rooftop deck on top, particularly given that I wanted to construct both apartments and a house, but the area in question was not that big," she stated.

"So I told him, let us construct the house on top and down apartments."
The 'penthouse' contains four bedrooms, an open-concept kitchen, a laundry room, and a pantry. It also provides a panoramic view over the Githurai, Roysambu, and Kahawawest neighbourhoods.

The furniture inside the lavish property is of the highest quality, so you can tell the landlady wasn't on a tight budget.

Along with a number of other indoor plants, potted areca palms may be seen outside.

In addition, there are glimpses of a large TV, exquisite wall gypsum, a kitchen with brand-new appliances, and a dining table where the landlady and her family are probably going to eat while listening to the noise of the bustling Thika Road.

The landlord thinks that one of the reasons for the responses on social media is because there are no similar projects in the area, or ones that are even close to the size of the penthouse.

"I know it's funny; it's buzzing, and I have witnessed all sorts of responses. Watu wanashangaa," she said. "I know there are numerous buildings like this; nevertheless, there are not many."

She also talked about the security of the "penthouse-apartment marriage," telling the YouTuber that she had done her own study to evaluate the feasibility of the hybrid relationship before she had ever contemplated starting it.

"I involved everybody; everybody was intended to be involved...and for me to live here, on top of all the other tenants, that tells you we believe in what we built," she stated.

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