Michelle Ntalami has launched a lawsuit against M-Net, a South African television network, alleging that they improperly used her photographs in a reality TV programme.

In the lawsuit, filed at the High Court of Nairobi, the plaintiff is seeking damages for claimed harassment and unauthorised use of her voice and picture.

Minne Kariuki Njuguna, alias Minne Cayy, Young Rich Television Limited, Electronic Media Network Proprietary Limited (M-NET), and D&R Studios Limited are named as respondents in the case by Ntalami.

Ntalami and Susan


Ntalami claims that on November 8, 2022, Susan Kaittany invited her as her guest to the dinner and official launch of the "Sip & Scent" event at the Tribe Hotel. She realised that a film team was around while the action was happening.

Ntalami asked for data concerning her actor's agreement, consent form, or image rights release agreement from a crew member from Young Rich Television Limited and D&R Studios Limited but was given no such documents. She was told that another person was in charge of that particular docket.

Ntalami claims that she was not provided with any contractual information on the images, films, and audio recordings taken by the Young Rich Television Limited and D&R Studios Limited teams after the event, including an actor's commitment or consent form.

She believes she was misled into thinking the agreement would be communicated to her during the post-production stage.

Ntalami emphasises that she did not provide permission for the Real Housewives of Nairobi programme to record her likeness, appearance, voice, or brand in any format, including on videotapes, audiotapes, films, depictions, pictures, or other recordings.

Ntalami made cameos in Episodes 1 and 2, as well as in a reunion episode.
She further claimed that she appeared in commercials, advertising, and posts on numerous social media sites connected to M-NET and D&R Studios Limited.

According to reports, Ntalami asked Kaittany if she had received an actor's contract, an image rights release, or a permission document. She inquired as to whether Kaitanny had received payment.

According to Ntalami, Kaittany confirmed that she had a contract and received proper payment for all of her performances, including the Reunion Episode.
While this is happening, Minne Cayy is being sued for slander by the creator of Marini Naturals. She claims that the actress began cyberbullying and saying defamatory things about her following the premiere of the show.

She claims that Minne not only made use of these derogatory statements on the programme but also spread them via appearances on television, radio, and numerous social media sites.

Ntalami claims that these false claims were deliberately made to damage her image inside her company, especially Marini Naturals. She is asking for compensation, claiming that these slanderous remarks caused her harm.

Ntalami further asserts that Minne intended to use her standing and social influence for personal benefit.

Ntalami asserts that Minne intended to use her standing and social influence for personal benefit. Minne apparently planned to create and wear a t-shirt with the offensive statements as proof of this.

Ntalami is suing for broad losses because her personal rights were forcibly exploited for commercial gain without her permission. She is also seeking aggravated damages as a result of the defendant's ongoing use of defamatory comments.

The entrepreneur claims that on March 22, 2023, she served the defendants with a demand and notice of her plan to suit. 


The warning made it clear that they had to stop utilising her name, brand, photographs, videos, audio recordings, and filming in relation to the presentation.


Despite receiving this legal warning, the defendant continued to replay, rebroadcast, and republish portions of Episode 1.

Ntalami and Kaittany simultaneously submitted to the Communications Authority of Kenya on September 25 to urge the launch of an inquiry into the programming of M-NET.

The two contend that M-NET violated the terms of its licences for its dissemination of content in Kenya.

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