Ally B in his early days photos

On November 2, 2023, a moving and sombre ceremony took place in Mombasa to lay to rest the late veteran singer Ali Khamisi Mwaliguli, better known by his stage name Ally B.

To say goodbye to the adored musician, a crowd of friends, family, politicians, celebrities, and ardent fans assembled.

Following Islamic customs, the late Ally B was buried at the Maziara ya Cobra cemetery in Mishomoroni, Mombasa County.

Ally B’s brother spoke to the crowd during the funeral, pleading with radio hosts and performers to please accept his modest request.

In the wake of his death, he begged them not to play any Ally B songs.

The brother of Ally B asked that their songs not be played on radios or televisions. 

To those who wanted to remember Ally B, he asked that they instead make prayers.

"Stop listening to his music. Praying on his behalf is what we ask of those who would like to remember him. We kindly ask that you refrain from playing his music, though.

Ally B's brother spoke on the family's behalf and emphasised how important it is to honour their wishes.

Islamic doctrine holds that music—especially secular music—is forbidden. 

Social media has been used by supporters to expound on the request's theological rationale. 

Below are posts from social media;

 He will suffer more punishment in his afterlife as a Muslim if you play his music. May God grant him forgiveness.

His level of adhabu ya kabri increases with the volume of his music played. For Muslims, music is forbidden. Insha'Allah, may Allah lead us and grant us all a happy conclusion.

 Islam holds that a person who passes away will suffer from the afterlife. Since music is forbidden, the penalty gets harsher the more of the music you play. May the Almighty SWT comfort his family and pity his soul.

 Islamic teachings state that it is painful to put yourself in their position; you will be able to relate to them.


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