John Mututho son in court

Give my family members a break! Mututho Informs Law Enforcement

Hon. John Mututho, the former head of NACADA, has come out swinging, charging that police have been intimidating his family. 

According to Mututho, investigators from the Muthangari and Kilimani police stations have been detaining some of his innocent children on the grounds of business disagreements. 

In an interview with the Star newspaper on Saturday, he said it was regrettable that his boys were being harassed by the police as a result of his advocacy against drugs and alcohol. 

"My family members are decent individuals who have never experienced alcohol or these strong substances, exactly like their father. "

According to the previous head of Nacada, "They are in the honest business, which has now become harassment."

 " Adding that you have a strong reputation both locally and globally and are a trustworthy advocate against drug and alcohol abuse."

He went on to say that several well-known public servants and politicians are to blame for the rise in drunkenness and drug trafficking in the Mount Kenya region, including the use of technical ethanol and the dreaded zombie drugs.

Mututho vowed to fight back tenaciously against the newly developed technological ethanol, which has been linked to several fatalities in Mount Kenya, as well as the zombie drug that is widely used in Nakuru and along the coast, particularly in Malindi.

"Notable individuals import these medications," he declared.

Authorities are familiar with the DCI agents who pose as automobile dealers to safeguard citizens from dubious Pakistani nationals operating in the local and worldwide illicit drug markets.

The DCI, he said, was shielding certain Pakistani individuals who were his children's troublemakers and were posing as auto dealers. 

However, they typically involve fierce resistance against hard drug dealers as payback.

"I can now defend my family members with confidence and readiness, heed the warning," he declared.

"They are now on a revenge mission because, during my tenure, I defeated the drug cartels and brought down their empire," he continued.

He chastised Kilimani police and "Muthangari station policemen in particular for allegedly exploiting business matters to harass his children" he told NPS.

"Let commercial cases go to the commercial Courts... Stop using them to fight my children's businesses and harass my family members under the pretence of superficial law and order violations," he continued.

Following a pre-trial turn of events, Martin Munene Njenga, the son of the former NACADA chairman, is facing new charges.

Martin Munene Njenga, son of former NACADA chairman and member of parliament for Naivasha, John Mututho, has seen a notable development in his case.

Unexpectedly, the case was dropped from its pre-trial hearing before Milimani court magistrate Esther Kimulu on Thursday. 

Following notification to the court by the complaint that the purportedly stolen car had been found, this ruling was made.

The complainant stated that they found Peter Onyango's car, valued at 5.8 million Kenyan shillings, inside the Kilimani police station.

The complainant had to report the accused to the police when he vanished, and Munene was ultimately taken into custody. 

The car was supposed to be sold within a certain amount of time.

Munene was originally charged with automobile theft on October 26. 

Remarkably, Munene was already being prosecuted for serious fraud in Kibera and the Milimani courts. At the time of this event.

Munene was detained again at the Milimani court on an unreported fraud charge not long after the original case was dropped.

It is noteworthy that at the time of these events, Munene was being held without charge and required a 500K Kenyan Shilling cash bond.


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