musician Alpha Mwana Mtule

Death allegations are refuted by gospel musician Alpha Mwana Mtule. 

The gospel musician Alpha Mwana Mtule was said to have committed himself a few days ago. 

On social media, Alpha swiftly gained popularity as a lot of people sent sympathy messages.

Charles Kanyi, often known as Jaguar, a former Starehe MP, spr ead the false information by claiming the musician had committed himself. 

Alpha's friend and comedian YY, however, swiftly went to social media to explain that the singer had been hospitalised rather than having passed away. 

And now Alpha has surfaced to describe what happened to cause the false information about his death to propagate.

Alpha described being poisoned at a concert in Rongai that he had been invited to, almost taking his life, in a chat with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko. 

The vocalist said that after receiving an invitation to perform at the event from an unidentified source, he was given food that had been contaminated. 

When he arrived home, he was vomiting up and had blood coming from his nose. He had begun feeling sick while leaving the event at around 11 p.m. 

Despite arriving to the hospital a bit later than expected, the musician, who seemed feeble during the conversation, said that the doctors were able to preserve his life thanks to the efforts of his neighbours. 

In what way, however, did Jaguar come to the conclusion that he had attempted suicide? 

"I told Jaguar's producer that I realised I had been poisoned," claims Alpha. 

Sadly, the producer informed Jaguar that he believed Alpha had consumed the poison on his own. 

The musician denied ever having attempted suicide, stating that he had overcome great obstacles as a homeless youth and that death was never an option for him. 

Alpha claims to have only remembered one face from the Rongai incident and to have subsequently recorded a statement on the poisoning with the police. 

He continues by saying that even if his finances are unstable, he would keep working hard on his songs and skits in order to make ends meet. 


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