Kalonzo given tough ultimatums after night message to Kenyans over cost of living. 

Kalonzo given tough ultimatums

Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka received more threats from Kenyans on Wednesday night after breaking his silence about the recommendations made by the National Dialogue Committee.

The urgent problem of the rising cost of living was addressed by Kalonzo Musyoka in a tweet that spoke to the worries of many Kenyans. 

He also promised to continue engaging with the people in the next weeks.

He said that they would be interacting with Kenyans more in the next weeks as they have to due to the excruciating agony of the high expense of living.

Kalonzo given tough ultimatums

He continued by outlining the impending difficulties that most Kenyans will soon experience, including as rising healthcare and schooling expenses. 

Not to mention, the One Kenya Alliance Coalition leader brought attention to the challenges that are developing in the health and education sectors.

Musyoka voiced special worry for National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) personnel, claiming that they are now unemployed and unsure about their job situation going forward. 

This makes an already difficult situation even more complicated as the country deals with economic difficulties and interruptions in vital services.

Notwithstanding the escalating obstacles, Musyoka expressed a dedication to constructive involvement, optimistic outlook, and selflessness for the development of Kenya. 

He praised everyone's efforts for getting the country thus far and underlined the need of working together to solve the present issues.

Nevertheless, the majority of Kenyans turned up to give Musyoka a lesson, reminding him that he was the committee head and that the report was approved without addressing the high expense of living.

Others threatened to fire him, claiming that this was a signpost to determine whether or not they would accept him for the top position in 2027.

As everyone has agreed on this problem, one user said, "If you play us, we will not support you once again."

Kalonzo given tough ultimatums

"In what ways do maandamano, referendums, opposition leader offices, and prime cabinet secretary offices contribute to reducing inflation and the high cost of living?" asked another

"Despite the fact that the high expense of living was not one of the topics you addressed, your followers came out in the streets to protest it. 

" Would you want to confront them once again with the matter that drove them to the streets, causing them to be gassed, injured, and seeing other people's deaths?" added a further over Kalobzo social media update. 

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