Mercy Masai leaked videos trending

After Azziad Nasenya depression expose, Mercy Masai leaked videos trending online.  

The content creator has been battling online with trolls, however, she wanted to increase her fan base using frivoulous ways.  

She posted on X saying, " I'm tired and I'm not deactivating my account,you all have to stop!"

" When you are just about to blossom and BECOME there and then everything gets tougher and rough, keep going keep on keeping on. Am praying for more strength," another user consoled her. 

Mercy Masai leaked videos trending

" Bullying is wrong. Posting yourself ten times a day on this app however gives bullies free content.

" You have no control over what others will say when you post your legs the whole day. But again, bullies are inhuman," another one said. 

" The last place I ever wanna go to at my breaking point is home ! Even though there is where I get strength my parents can never stand to see me hurting," Mercy Masai said. 

Mercy Masai leaked videos trending

" Yes I'm a Masai that's why hamjaona machozi hapo ! Roho bado ni ya simba na sitishwi , I just had to remind you guys to be kind ! Jibambeni sasa, " she added. 

" This is Mercy Masai's Profile , she earns her rent and food by displaying her body seductively online and end up getting laid by monied guys but when some of the men she attracted fight back it suddenly becomes suicidal to her,  i thought she knew the rules of the game when she came in, the streets won't be nice everyday," another X user gave her some advise and consoled her. 

Watch the video here. 

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