Rapper Nay wa Mitego of Tanzania has released a new single that has Kenyans wondering about "a certain country."

Nay wa Mitego is the stage name of Tanzanian musician whose real name is Emmanuel Elibariki.

Legendary Tanzanian rapper Emmanuel Elibariki (aka Nay wa Mitego) recently released a new single that targeted an undisclosed nation, leaving Kenyans to wonder. 

As a form of protest, "Wapi huko" aims at a nation that suffers from corrupt leadership, widespread starvation, and a dearth of job possibilities for its young people. 

When the rest of the world looks at the nation, Nay sings about how lovely and wealthy it seems. However, under the leadership of irresponsible individuals, the people suffer, the young are poor, and the females are more concerned with money than love.

Nay wa Mitego is the stage name of Tanzanian musician whose real name is Emmanuel Elibariki.

The rapper continues by criticising young males, saying things like, "Back home we do not even have electricity," while boasting about how great their nation is and chasing after sugar mummies. 

A large percentage of single mothers in the unnamed country, according to Nay, are in dire need of financial assistance and would willingly take bribes once they saw the amount. 

So far, the song has ignited passionate debate on Twitter, with Kenyans deeply split on whether the artist is targeting us specifically or is just highlighting the challenges impacting his country. 

One Conrad Kulo said: "Tanzania is cooking us. The Jirani hana unga, hana umeme, ni kingereza tu slur has now been cooked in the studio, and let me tell you, Maina, William Ruto must go."

However, X user Mwabili Mwagodi differed with him, saying Nay is simply targeting Tanzanian leadership.

"It's crazy how Kenyans have completely not understood that Ney wa Mitego is mocking Tanzania's leadership for mocking Kenya yet Tanzania is the one in the pits. You guys will never appreciate Bongo Flava for what it is, a literacy masterpiece," Mwagodi said.

Kenya Kwanza administration top critic Gabriel Oguda also said Tanzanians are targeting Kenya with the song.

"Yaani imefika mahali jirani Tanzania have also decided to mock us openly and they know we will do them nothing? Bwana a country that used to shake like a leaf in our presence now going after us without fear? Bwana ama God sent Ruto to punish us and we don't know?" Oguda said.

Much of what Nay sings about in the song is based on her experiences in Kenya.
Among them, many individuals face high living costs, high unemployment rates, and limited access to essential necessities.

Another point of contention is the high cost of living that President Ruto has allegedly caused in Kenya with his seemingly constant tax increases.

In response to the criticism, Ruto has defended his government fiercely, even going so far as to engage in a rhetorical battle with the courts.

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