MP Sylvanus Osoro

Despite the fact that he had been residing in the slums, MP Sylvanus Osoro seemed to have fought all difficulties in order to accomplish his major goal, which was to afford an automobile.

During an interview with Willis Raburu of TV47's Wabebe Experience, Osoro said that the money he made from his hawking company was sufficient for him to really realise his ambition.

"In order to supplement the little profit of KSh300 that I was getting from selling newspapers, I started selling peanuts. I would sell peanuts after ten o'clock in the morning, when people were no longer purchasing newspapers, and then I would add cookies to my stock," he said.

Because the new business endeavour was so successful, he was able to make up to KSh1,000 in earnings every single day. Reportedly, Osoro would sell small treats along highways in Nairobi that were experiencing heavy traffic.

Following the sale of newspapers and snacks, the Member of Parliament (MP) for South Mugirango would then proceed to engage in another business enterprise since he had a significant amount of spare time.

"When I was younger, my cousin and I resided in Mukuru Kwa Reuben. As a result, I relocated and leased out a somewhat modest property. When I had finished selling newspapers and peanuts at midday, I questioned what I would do next since I was unable to go home. Here is what I came up with."

"An idea to investigate the garment industry was generated as a result of this. Osoro made his way to Gikomba, the biggest second-hand garment market in Nairobi, where he purchased a few pieces of women's formal attire and then started selling them in workplaces.

"I would purchase women's clothing such as trench coats and blouses, then iron them until they were perfectly smooth, and then I would stuff them in a bag. After midday, I would make my way from one office to another in order to sell them.

"One trench coat, for instance, would cost me one hundred Kenyan shillings. After that, I would carefully iron them and repair the portions that were damaged before selling them at a price of KSh1,000 or KSh1,500 apiece," the politician who had served for two terms said.

He said that the majority of his clientele consisted of people who worked in office secretarial positions.

"They would be instructed to make a deposit of KSh 500, and I would come back at the end of the month to collect the remaining payment."

The company had to abruptly close its doors after county askaris took him into custody and took away his inventory. As a kind of punishment, Osoro was required to do one week of community service at City Hall. Later, he decided to forsake the enterprise and instead enter the butchery business.

Through the combination of his newspaper and snack company, Osoro hinted that he had amassed sufficient funds over the course of time to submit an application for a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) course.

On the other hand, he would make the error of purchasing a vehicle while he was still in school.

"Because I wanted to work in accounting, I decided to get my Certified Public Accountant certification. Despite the fact that I was aware that balancing employment and school would be a challenge, I started attending courses.

"I am sorry for my error. Since all I wanted was to be able to drive, someone sold me the Peugeot 504 for KSh80,000. I would park it somewhere else and then go to my house in the slums," the member of parliament said at the beginning of the story.

In his latter years, he sought a career in law before he entered politics. This was a significant change in his professional trajectory.

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