Domestic violence in Kenya

Moving from grace to grass, but then back to grace. My name is Wanyonyi from Kakamega County, and while my wife had previously completed college, she was unemployed and made several unsuccessful attempts to get employment. We are blessed with three children.

We relocated to the capital city, looking for green pastures. I was able to get a job to support my family.

Despite everything, I was a fantastic husband and best father to my kids because I would sacrifice anything for her and the children, even though I didn't have a large wage.

She was also patient, which contributed to the prosperity of our marriage, which was always affectionate and cheerful. I did all in my power to guarantee that my wife eventually found a fulfilling career.

This prompted me to begin with the task of looking for work in organisations that were looking for individuals with her kind of abilities, but since I constantly walked around without success, getting a job was often challenging.

The company's managers urged me to offer bribery to them or let my wife sleep with them in order to get a job, but at the time I possessed nothing to bribe; instead, I depended on my belief that my wife would succeed eventually.

After a protracted period of hardship, she was able to get employment at a large hotel in Nairobi, with a salary that exceeded mine. She soon changed and began experiencing small issues with her at home as well as frequently arriving home late.

Even though she was sitting on the sofa staring at the TV, she began instructing me to perform chores around the house, including cooking. I was not delighted since, as the leader of the household and a husband, the circumstances had entirely disturbed me.

As her spouse, I was concerned when one day I left for work and came home as normal, but my wife did not. I attempted to reach him on her phone, but it was busy.

That was merely a clue that she was seeing someone else. I was perplexed, as I was really crushing on her.

I was anxious to locate my wife, so I used my friend's connection to discover African doctors so I could call her. African Doctors carried out his customary rites to rekindle our connection, and he told me that my wife would be presenting herself since she lived nearby.

After coming home one day, I heard a knock at the door. Upon opening it, I saw my wife sobbing with agony. We have endured living in harmony and affection ever since I pardoned her. African doctors, I really appreciate your sincere commitment.

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