As the Mijikenda song "Mimi Ni Mzabibu" becomes viral, hilarious dance videos become popular.

The Mimi ni Mzabibu dance challenge is swaying your hips in time to the beat and words of the song.

Mijikenda song trending

Numerous people on TikTok have shared their renditions of the dance in response to the challenge.

Numerous individuals who take pleasure in seeing the humorous dance routines have also found amusement and amusement in the task.

Thanks to the infectious Mijikenda song "Mimi ni Mzabibu," a new dancing craze has taken the internet.

Why is the song "Mimi ni Mzabibu" so popular right now?

A lot of TikTokers have been motivated to share their hilarious and inventive dance routines by the song, which translates to "I am the vine, the father is the farmer."

One must shake their hips in time with the song's beat to complete the dancing challenge.

Moreover, memes mocking the song's peculiar lyrics have been created.

One of the trendiest things to happen on social media lately is the Mimi ni Mzabibu dancing challenge.

Internet users respond to the Mimi ni Mzabibu video.

A lot of viewers have complimented the videos on their inventiveness and comedy.


"Hii gospel inaslap harder Kwa club."

"Slide 5 will always be my favourite in this trend."

"Aki I truly love Kenya and our people."

"No one will ever know how many times I have watched number 7."

"Hii nchi hakuna mtu serious kabisa."

"Honestly, this song has refused to leave my head."

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