Chairperson of the National Assembly Health Committee, Dr. Robert Pukose, has disclosed that the present National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) cards will be valid until December 2024.


Pukose confirmed that Kenyans would be able to utilise NHIF services all year long before switching to the new Social Healthcare Insurance Fund (SHIF) in an interview that aired on Spice FM on Wednesday morning.

Furthermore, he said that anybody who wishes to sign up for NHIF services may do so up until the end of the year, when the formal switch to SHIF takes place.

In addition, the legislator provided insight into the shift to SHIF by disclosing that the Social Health Authority (SHA) is still in the process of being fully operationalized, as it now depends on the secretariat and personnel of NHIF.

"The board of the SHA has gazetted, but no one has been hired," Pukose confirmed. "There are no persons who have been employed for the SHA."

He did point out that the Health Cabinet Secretary had established a transition committee whose job it was to oversee the transition and provide reports to Parliament.

Additionally, for a period of six months, the transitioning committee is required to provide progress updates on its operations concerning assets, liabilities, and functioning. At the conclusion of its mission, a final report must be issued.

Additionally, Pukose made it clear that no payments or deductions have been made to the SHIF as of yet.

Kenyans will need to register with the SHIF, which is anticipated to take on the role of the NHIF, starting in January.

It has also been disclosed by Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha that self-registration would be the first method of SHIF registration.

For Kenyans, it is anticipated that the self-registration procedure will make the shift easy and minimally disruptive.

Even though the Court of Appeal approved the SHIF's implementation, a number of parties continue to oppose it.

The Council of Governors rejected income sharing plans between the federal government and the counties on Tuesday, claiming that the plans did not take into account the Housing Levy suspension, the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), or the SHIF.

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