Barking dog in kisii

A Kisii woman discovers her husband atop her dog when she awakens to investigate the cause of her dog's nighttime barking.

An uncommon nocturnal behaviour exhibited by a spouse alongside their female companion has engendered unrest in a village situated in the Kitutu Chache constituency of Mosocho.

A report lodged at the Mosocho police station indicates that the 60-year-old husband awoke from a sound sleep with the 40-year-old wife and went outside to check on their dog, which was howling noisily.

In an attempt to ascertain the whereabouts of her husband following his untimely return, the wife decided to use a torch. To her astonishment, she discovered him in an intimate embrace with their female dog.

"Her spouse departed the residence at approximately 1:00 AM subsequent to perceiving the female dog's exuberant howling and snarling... "She was also alarmed to discover her 60-year-old husband engaging in an unusual activity with their female dog named 'Poster' when she hurriedly exited the house to investigate," the police report continued.

Subsequently, she emitted a shriek, prompting neighbours to promptly gather in order to observe the occurrence and report the spouse to the authorities.

Additional relatives who were present at the time were roused by her cries. "The area was investigated by law enforcement and a veterinary professional, and all required actions were implemented," the statement continued.

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