Musician Martha Mukisa photos

Black Magic Entertainment Limited represents Martha Mukisa, a multi-talented artist from Uganda who writes songs, performs music, and designs clothes. In the year 1994, Martha Mukisa came into this world on September 24th.

Being the last kid in her family, she came into this world in central Uganda. Martha Mukisa earned a diploma in textile design and technology from Kyambogo University.

It was after she graduated from college that she decided to give music a try. Black Magic Entertainment, which has released albums by several famous Ugandan singers, signed her.

Afropop and R&B have been her primary musical interests recently.

Regardless, she doesn't really make an effort to conform herself to any particular musical genre. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have all shown her a lot of support so far.

Musician Martha Mukisa photos

Martha Mukisa Mentors

Some of the artists she has cited as influences are Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, John Blaq, Juliana Kanyomozi, and Tiwa Savage. If any young woman aspires to a career in music, she should look up to Martha Mukisa.

Martha Mukisa is a gifted dancehall and reggae artist from Kampala, Uganda. Aside from Uganda, her music has become more famous throughout Africa. 

Martha Mukisa top songs

Most people recognise her from her hits like "Sango," "Ex Wo," "Busy," "Vibe Yo," and "Tebatukyawa." Her fans love these songs because they showcase her incredible voice and unique flair.

Throughout her career, Martha Mukisa has worked with a wide range of artists in the reggae and dancehall music industries. Out of all the collaborations, the one with BAZA BAZA on "Wakigula" stands out as unique and memorable. 

The song is upbeat and infectious because of its smooth blending of modern reggae rhythms with traditional Ugandan melodies. The rap lyrics by BAZA BAZA give the song its unique flavour, while Martha's voice complements the instrumentals. Thanks to its positive reception, the song has become more popular.

Martha Mukisa photos

Victor Ruz's "Kikomando: Remix" is yet another notable endeavour. The original song had some popularity to begin with, but the remix really took it to the next level. With the addition of Victor Ruz's rap lines and Martha's vocals, the song took a new, exciting turn. The remix has become a famous dance song and has been heavily played on local radio stations.

Although every single one of the above collaborations is noteworthy, we should pay extra attention to "Vibe Yo—Remix" featuring Ziza Bafana and "Sango" with Eddy Kenzo. 

Dancing is certain to happen whenever "Vibe Yo—Remix" or any other high-energy song is played. "Sango" allows Martha to showcase her vocal range in a slower, more soulful composition. The two collaborations have been well-received and have contributed to Martha's ascent to stardom in the music industry.

Last but not least, Martha Mukisa's prominence in the dancehall and reggae music scenes has grown because of her involvement in many projects. 

Although all of the aforementioned collaborations are noteworthy, the two that stick out the most are "Kikomando: Remix" with Victor Ruz and "Wakigula" with BAZA BAZA. These collaborations showcase Martha's ability to work with different musicians to create unique and appealing music, as well as her vocal range.

"Ex Wo" is a popular song of hers because of its lively melody and catchy pace. The song's lyrics address the topic of moving on after a broken relationship. Since the lyrics are easy to relate to, it is a popular choice among those going through the same thing.

With its mellower melody and calming rhythm, "Ntibula" is another popular song. By addressing the difficulties of life, the song motivates its audience to go on.

Martha Mukisa has written a number of popular songs, including "Vibe Yo—Remix," "Kikomando—Remix," "Bikole," and "International Local."

These tracks showcase her versatility as a musician and her ability to blend in with many styles. As a result of her devoted fan base, Martha Mukisa has become a household name in the music industry.

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