Awiti Bolo in Mombasa photo

During the general election that took place in 2013, Hezron Awiti Bolo, who was running on a Wiper Party ticket, unexpectedly won the election to become the Member of Parliament for Nyali.

In spite of the fact that he had established himself as a successful entrepreneur in the area, Awiti was not particularly well-known in the shadowy arena of politics.

On the other hand, if he were to win, it would drive him to become a politician formally. The fact that he had bigger pockets made it easier for him to deal with his adversaries in a certain sense. 

Additionally, it is important to remember the influence that Kalonzo Musyoka, the leader of the Wiper Party, had on his early political career.

One of the candidates for the position of party national treasurer in the Wiper Party was Awiti. It's true that the Member of Parliament for Nyali was doing pretty well as a politician.

However, in the lead-up to the general election in 2017, the MP defied Kalonzo in his pursuit of the Wiper Party ticket in order to fight for the position of Governor of Mombasa.

From the moment the party primaries began, Awiti broke away from the umbrella party and established his own organisation in order to launch his political aspirations. 

Hassan Joho, who was the reigning governor at the time, of the Orange Democratic Movement, defeated him in the contest for governor of Mombasa.

This uprising against Kalonzo would be the starting point of Awiti's political demise, and it would ultimately be the commencement of both. He would never go back to normal.

Twenty-two years later, in 2022, Awiti entered the election for the governorship of Mombasa once again, after having spent the subsequent five years struggling through the bitter cold. 

However, Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir, a former fellow legislator in the National Assembly, once again defeated him.

Did the former member of parliament, who was a billionaire, grasp bigger than he should have? Is it possible that he exaggerated his political ability?

During this time of shivering in the cold, he must be feeling sorrow as a result of the decisions regarding politics that he made that were not appropriate.


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