Digital scam that conned unsuspecting Kenyans

There's this scam going around, from Whatsapp to Telegram. A foreign number will contact you on WhatsApp, offering you a job (completing tasks) and earning money.

They will tell you to complete tasks on Jumia or on Youtube. You screenshotted after completing the task. You will also receive Sh 50 for sending Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening (depending on the time) to the referrer. 

"I have been ignoring them, but yesterday they contacted me again, and I decided to get into the rabbit hole," one of our journalists opened up.

Remember, anyone promising you money for doing nothing or almost nothing is probably lying. "So I was curious to know at what point the scam would happen. The requirement for the job is to simply have a Telegram."

 The task is simple: they sent you a YouTube link to a video, and you're required to share a screenshot of the video showing you liked it. The first video will earn you 200 bob, and they will send the 200 bob to your Mpesa immediately. Scammers are patient, and they try to earn your trust.

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