Martha Karua

In Azimio la Umoja, the discussion on who would succeed in unseating President William Ruto by garnering a greater number of votes has continued to intensify.

Kalonzo Musyoka, the leader of the Wiper Party, and Martha Karua, the counterpart of Narc Kenya, are among those who are interested in the party ticket.

Due to the fact that Raila Odinga is anticipated to leave the scene in order to concentrate on the position of the African Union Commission, the two are now engaged in a dispute over who would be an appropriate candidate.

Karua, who served as Raila's running partner in the 2022 general election, has criticised the head of the Wiper party and put up a request for him to implement a new strategy.

Karua issued a statement in which she requested that Kalonzo concentrate on presenting himself as the appropriate candidate rather than dragging her into every political speech or discussion.

"My unwelcome counsel to my brother Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka is to solely concentrate on promoting himself and allow the determination of who is greatest for the public to voters," she said in her statement.

Karua was compelled to provide a response when it was reported in the media that Kalonzo had brazenly proclaimed that he was the right choice and had the necessary qualities to overthrow Ruto in the year 2027.

The competition between both of them and other Azimio leaders has allegedly led to a divide within the Azimio party.

Charity Ngilu, who had previously served as the governor of Kitui, addressed Raila on February 28 and requested that he complete the Azimio home cleaning before he left for the position at the AUC.

"How have you made the arrangements, Baba? I am curious about your plans. Several individuals have suggested that I sidestep politics in this setting; nevertheless, I am of the opinion that it is inescapable, and I am aware that lots of you will not question it. I will inquire with Baba since I have been working with him during all of my years in politics. We should ask him for clarification about it," Ngilu remarked.

"When a youngster departs their mother or when a father leaves a child, they need to prepare for them," she said. 

"It is imperative that they do so."As a result, I would like to request that you, Baba, arrange for us in an effective manner. In the year 2002, you were the one who organised us; you need to do it once again so that we may learn how to move our nation forward.

In his statement, Raila vowed to support the party's leaders should he win the position of AUC chairman.

"I am not going anywhere. The distance between Nairobi and Addis Ababa is about two hours. You may reach me at any time, and I will respond to your call. I am accessible," Odinga said.

In the statement made by Raila, he added, "I am prepared for collaboration with you people; however, what is essential is that we take steps to guarantee that what we have committed to do is ultimately completed and fulfilled."


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