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When it comes to her world, Murugi Munyi believes that having a boyfriend provides her with a feeling of financial stability.

The well-known content creator recalls quitting her job at a reputable company because she worked in the same department as her spouse.

She asserts that she and her husband came to the conclusion that her spouse's employment offered a higher salary.

Murugi states that she felt safe going away from her work because of her man's career, but she also trusted in her talents to find a new job. This decision enabled her to make the necessary changes.

Subsequently, she would become a member of the RedHouse agency, where she was allegedly earning Sh200,000 per month.

"It was really good because I was earning Sh200,000 and I have a man who is financially stable. It was fantastic," she said.

"In the framework of marriage, I believe that having a guy provides a certain amount of financial security. He is not my father, who is financially responsible for me, and he is not required to provide me with money or take care of me.

"On the other hand, my spouse suggests that I have the financial means to quit my job, and I am confident that I won't have to sleep on the streets while searching for a new one. Murugi contends that you are aware of a reliable support system.

Contrary to the popular belief that men should foot the majority of the bills, even when their wives earn the same amount of money, she continues to express her strong belief in the concept of splitting expenses with her husband.

"In our current situation, both my spouse and I earn well, resulting in a fairly equal distribution of bills between us. My spouse is responsible for what we refer to as the "big things," which include paying the rent on the home, the school fees for the children, and the insurance premiums, or we divide them between us. As for me, I am responsible for paying our housing costs and those of our nannies.

She continues by saying, "When it comes to things like holidays, we will divide the costs evenly down the middle."

After spending a year and a half working at Redhouse, Murugi joined a well-known betting company to take charge of the communications department.

This was an additional step in her hustle before she completely left Redhouse to pursue a career in content production. Reportedly, she was able to walk away with Sh350,000 from that engagement.

"The bonuses were of very high quality. On a quarterly basis, we would get double the amount of our wage. Then, after a year, I relocated to My Dawa by myself.

"The issue is that I am not saving money at any of these positions; rather, I am simply spending money and having a nice time. It is possible that the fact that I had a spouse made me more careless with my money since he was responsible for paying the majority of the expenses. When I look back, I wish I had a better understanding of finances.

When she saw that she was getting followers on social media by blogging about her experience as a mother, she realised that she needed to start creating content. This realisation occurred at My Dawa. She resigned in 2018 in order to devote her whole attention to the production of content.

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